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We are the research and development department of RCFM. We create, gather and communicate knowledge that will help improve the lives of people with neuromuscular diseases at the physical, mental and social level.

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Our research is always inspired by real life and must always find its way back to real life

With the establishment of RCFM’s Research and Development Centre in 1985, RCFM has been able to accumulate, generate and communicate knowledge about the physical, mental and social implications of NMD.

The foundation for all research and development is a close collaboration between RCFM’s researchers and rehabilitation professionals. Research questions and development projects are always rooted in problems formulated by patients or observed in the meeting with our patients.

The short distance between researcher and rehabilitation professionals further ensures that knowledge generated by the researcher is quickly implemented in the clinic for the benefit of both patients and professionals.

An international partner

Brickless meeting 2017

The Research and Development Centre is committed to staying updated on the latest international research and treatment methods and passing it on to our patients and partners.

The Research and Development Centre collaborates with a large national and international network. The collaborative efforts and collaboration are systemized and intensified through our membership of the European Neuromuscular Centre (ENMC) and Treat-NMD.

Scandinavian network

Every other year, the Research Centre arranges and hosts the Brickless meeting where professionals from Sweden, Norway and Denmark meet to discuss the newest results within treatment and rehabilitation of neuromuscular diseases.

  • Ulla Werlauff

    Head of research, physical therapist, MSc, ph.d

    - Project management and supervision
    - Measurement instruments
    - Method
    - Education
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  • Ann-Lisbeth Højberg

    Occupational therapist, MSI

    - Young people
    - School and education
    - Parents with NMD
    - Rehabilitation
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  • Charlotte Handberg

    Senior researcher, PhD

    - Rehabilitation and palliation
    - Patient involvement
    - Interdisciplinary and intersectional challenges
    - Qualitative method
    - Project management and supervision
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  • Liv Brandstrup

    Anthropologist, project manager

    - Patient education
    - Project management
    - Patient involvement
  • Lone Knudsen

    Phycologist, ph.d, researcher

    - Pain and psychological factors
    - Grief and crisis intervention
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  • Lene Klem Olesen

    Occupational therapist, MA educational psychology, ph.d. student

    - Relatives and health professionals (ALS)
    - Palliative rehabilitation
    - Online rehabilitation
    - Qualitative method
    -projektledelse og formidling
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  • Annette Faber Mahoney

    Communications and development, MA English, MA medical anthropology

    - Webeditor
    - Translation
    - Patient involvement
  • Sofie Skoubo

    Ph.d student

  • Signe Versterre

    ALS-konsulent, fysioterapeut, Cand. scient i Fysioterapi, Tovholder for internationalt netværk for ALS-fysioterapeuter

    - Respiration
    - Kropsbårne hjælpemidler
    - Træning

We are a center of excellence for neuromuscular diseases (NMD).

We believe in seing the entire person with NMD in a life-long perspective. That way, we can help create the best environment for people with NMD and their families. 

We share our knowledge with our patients, their families and our professional partners. We work interdisciplinary and across sectors.


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