Brickless 2017

Brickless 2017

13. marts 2017

RCFM are happy to finally announce the program for the Brickless meeting on 5-6 September and at the same time open for registration. The theme for the 2017 meeting will be Ageing with NMD – a look to the neuromuscular future, and we look forward to discussing and learning more about the challenges of a growing population of people with neuromuscular disorders who are well into adulthood.

Foto: Bo Nymann

As usual, we will begin the Brickless week on Monday 4 September with the annual meeting of the Danish Consortium for Neuromuscular Diseases which those who sign up for the entire Brickless meeting can participate in for free. This year, the consortium will discuss the new medical treatments for NMD and the ethics and financial challenges involved.

Program, sep 4-6

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